Parish Mission with Fr Bruno

A back-to-basics Parish Mission program in the fall of 2023 invited us to cultivate a Christ-centered heart and parish. Father Michael Bruno gave an inspiring and hope-filled presentation over three evenings. His insights and examples were helpful to guide us in understanding the role each person plays in the life of the parish. The Eucharist is the source and summit of who we are as Catholic Christians, and Father Bruno made that very clear to us, especially since we ended each of the evenings with Benediction. Our hope is that the graces of this event will guide us and strengthen our path to being Christ-present in this local church in Forest Hills.

Father Passenant thanking Father Bruno for his love and attention during our 2023 Parish Mission.  Photo by Denise DeMaria.
Father Bruno at the pulpit during one of the Sunday Masses on October 15, 2023. Photo by Karen Mongiello.