Consolation/Bereavement Ministry

The Consolation and Bereavement Ministry at OLQM works under the supervision of Bishop Sanchez, Father Passenant, and Pastoral Care Administrator Dennis Portelli. The Consolation Ministry assists families in preparation for the Christian Funeral Rite of the Church. We update the Funeral Liturgy Planner and Music Selection sheets as well as provide additional support to families during this difficult time for them.

Resources for Making Funerals Arrangements at OLQM

The Bereavement Support Group offers spiritual support to parishioners (as well as nonparishioners) who have recently suffered a loss. We offer a caring environment, hope, and comfort; we are nonjudgmental and respect privacy in all aspects of the grieving process and point toward healing. Support group meetings are virtual via Zoom until further notice. Meetings are typically the first and third Mondays of the month, but schedule adjustments may be necessary because of federal holidays falling on Mondays. Please email group coordinator Yorke Mizelle with your questions and to RSVP, especially if attending for the first time.

Bereavement ministers are currently not attending wake prayer services.

The Bereavement Zoom meeting dates for the first and second quarter 2021 are listed below. All meetings begin at 7:30PM.
January 4 & February 1
March 1 & 15
April 5 & 19
May 3 & 17

About the Bereavement Support Coordinator

Commissioned Lay Pastoral Leader, Yorke Mizelle

Contact: Yorke Mizelle, Commissioned Lay Pastoral Leader & Coordinator,

I am a parishioner here at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs. I was baptized into the Catholic Christian faith at the 2007 Vigil Mass celebrated by Msgr. Joseph Funaro. Filled with the Holy Spirit, I volunteered to be a member of Pastoral Care, became a Minister of Holy Communion, and was accepted as a catechist, teaching the faith to third-grade public school Catholic Christian children. I heard the call and went on to complete the Diocesan Pastoral Institute three-year program of study and preparation for lay ministry. In May 2013, I was commissioned as a Lay Pastoral Leader in the Diocese of Brooklyn by Bishop DiMarzio. I am also president of the OLQM Pastoral Care group.

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