Parish Mission 2023

Cultivating a Christ-Centered Heart and Parish

Sunday Masses, October 15, 2023
Evenings @ 7PM Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, October 17, 18, and 19, 2023

We invite each and every one of our parishioners to participate as Father Michael Bruno, chair of Church History at St. Joseph’s Seminary, presents our parish mission. By reflecting together on the identity of the Lord Jesus during our parish mission, we will be able to more fully understand our call and our mission, as disciples and stewards in our parish community, to center our lives in Christ, who is Priest, Prophet, and King, and to use the particular gifts God has given us to witness to Jesus in our homes and in our community. We should consider how having a Christ-centered heart can be expressed in action by demonstrating good stewardship of the gifts we have received from God, sharing them lovingly with others in our lives, and living out good stewardship as active members of this parish.

In light of Msgr. Cunningham’s funeral Mass on Monday evening, the previously announced evening sessions for the Parish Mission have been changed to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. All evenings are from 7-8PM in the church. During each session, Father Bruno will recommend additional readings to prepare for the next day. These materials are not mandatory to read when attending, but may further illuminate the mission’s themes:

  • Tuesday Oct. 17th: Encountering Christ the Priest: Living a Sacramental Life in Christ
  • Wednesday Oct. 18th: Encountering Christ the Prophet: Proclaiming the Word, Who Is Christ
  • Thursday Oct. 19th: Encountering Christ the King: Witnessing to the Kingdom of Christ in Our World
Details of the stained-glass windows on the north side of our church that depict Christ the eternal priest, Christ as prophet and teacher, and Christ the King.