Funeral Arrangements

funeralarrangementsThe funeral custom for Catholics is a Mass of Christian Burial for the deceased. The funeral Mass recalls the fulfillment of the promise of the Easter mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection. The prayers communicate our belief that those who are baptized and believe in Jesus will pass with Him from death to life and that the purified soul is welcomed into the Communion of Saints for all eternity.

Please call our rectory (718-268-6251) to request a priest for funeral services or last rites.


Funeral arrangements begin with a meeting with the funeral director. The funeral home will contact our parish, and the pastor or a priest will confirm the day and time for the funeral Mass.

After the Wake service, visiting clergy, a Consolation Committee member, or the funeral director will assist you with the planning of the funeral Mass. We have a funeral planner booklet for those who have suffered a loss, to help you make the funeral Mass for your loved one as personal as possible.

Funeral Liturgy Planner (pdf)

As guidelines:

  • We will ask that you choose one reading from the Old Testament and one reading from the New Testament, from selections provided to you by the funeral director or our clergy.
  • Music is an important element of the service. You may consider selections of your choice from a list of liturgically approved hymns for a funeral Mass.
  • The appropriate time for eulogies is at the funeral home or cemetery. We request that any eulogy or personal reflections given at Mass are written in advance, limited to three minutes, and delivered by one person.

After the funeral, a bereavement minister will reach out to the family of the deceased to offer ongoing spiritual support through a Bereavement Support Group.

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