Celebration of Baptism

Our Lady Queen of Martyrs celebrates infant Baptism on the first Sunday of each month after the 1 PM Mass. The usual start time is 2:30 PM. Baptisms are done in groups, several families at one time.

To Schedule a Baptism

Parents need to fill out our basic registration form (minimal information required).


To schedule baptisms for the following month, Deacon Greg Kandra needs to meet briefly, in person, with each family (or at least one parent) to go over the protocols, make sure the paperwork is in order, and answer any questions.

Deacon Greg’s office hours are the first Saturday of each month, from 10 AM to noon. (So, for example, to request a baptism in July, come by the rectory office the first Saturday in June.) You can reach him by email at dcngreg@gmail.com.

Documents: Parents must bring to the office meeting:

  • A copy of the baby’s birth certificate.
  • A baptism certificate for one of the godparents (to verify that they are Catholic).
  • The completed registration form (downloadable from the link above).
  • If you live within another parish’s geographic boundaries, you need a letter from your pastor giving his consent for the baby to be baptized at OLQM (unless you are registered at OLQM).

Godparents: Under most circumstances there is one (1) godmother and one (1) godfather. One of the godparents must be a baptized and confirmed Catholic, at least 16 years old, and must be able to provide their baptism certificate. The other godparent, if not Catholic, must be a Christian.

Baptism Class: In preparation for the baptism of their child, parents are required to attend a baptism class on the Sunday before the baptism. The class is usually at 2:30 PM, lasts approximately 45 minutes, and is held in the church or the rectory basement meeting room.

Fee: While there is no charge for the baptism, we do suggest a $100 donation, in cash or check. Checks may be made out to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs. Please bring this donation to the baptism class.

What Parents Need to Know about Catholic Baptism

What Parents Need to Know about Catholic Baptism

Parents presenting their child for Catholic Baptism assume a significant responsibility in the decision to have the child baptized in the Roman Catholic faith. Catholic Baptism is much more than a cultural or social ritual. It is a highly significant event that represents a faith and value decision that parents have made on behalf of their child. It means that parents have chosen for the child the direction of growing up in the Catholic religion.

Having made that choice, parents are encouraged to evaluate their own personal commitment to the Catholic Faith and its practice. Parents should create an atmosphere in the home of religious faith and practice so that their children, even in the early years, can gradually make their own the religion into which they have been baptized.