Deacon Greg Archives: 2014-2015

 “A View From the Pew” by Deacon Greg Kandra
Wholly Family
Christmas Wonders
Advent Isn’t Christmas

Bless Us, O Lord
Saying Grace

The Presence
Running for Sainthood
What We Build
Receiving the Body of Christ
The Beads

What We Save
A (Parish) Love Story
Modern Martyrdom Part II
Modern Martyrdom
Why We Do That
You’ve Got Spam
Back to School? Already?
A Rich Family With Just 10 Bucks
Summer Reading
No Ordinary Fool
Proof That God Loves Us
What Is Faith?
Starting Over
Clouds in My Coffee
The Tracker
Why I Go To Church
God’s Footprints
A Prescription from the Pew
Let Us iPray
Bless This House
Alleluia: Getting a Handle on Handel
Seven Days That Shook the World

Forty Days
The Big Chill
In Due Seaon
You Are There
The Gift of Lent

Can You Marry Us on a Beach?
Why Confess to a Priest
Lost and Found
After Christmas
Small Wonder
Mystery Date
Advent Isnt Christmas
The Season of Adventure
Giving Thanks
A Man Names John
Sweets and Saints
Remembering Mary
The Beads
To Life – Homily for Respect Life Sunday

Being a New York Catholic
Give Us This Day Our Daily Workout

Labor Pains
Swimming With Scapulars
In Blogs We Trust
Why We Do That
The Saints of August
Where Do Deacons Come From?
Golden Silence
Seeing Jesus at Disney World
The Chinese Martyrs
How Do We Receive Communion?
Unsolved Mystery
A Work in Progress
A Prescription From the Pew
Look Up!
To Heaven and Back
Five Wounds
Hunger Game: Struggling to Keep the Lenten Fast

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