Deacon Greg Archives: 2016

When Christmas Wasn’t
The Lady of the Cloak
The Season of Adventure
Saying Grace
A World on Edge
The Deacon Ordained in Dachau
In the Service
The Martyrs
God’s Footprints
Underground Prayer
The Robe
Father Louis
A Student’s Prayer
Our Lady of Sorrows
Labor Pains

Leaving the Shore
Onward Christian Soldiers
Monsignor and Me
Saints of August
The Detour
Grace Eventually
The Parish from Another Planet
The Choices We Make
The Chapel
The Devotion
Card-carrying Catholics
Building a Cathedral in the Dark
Taking Flight
Mary’s Month
Love One Another
Cover to Cover with Pope Francis
The Cheapest, Greatest Gift in the World
The Dogwood
Encountering Your Marriage
Giving Up
Blessed Lolo
Call Waiting or Not
You Are There
And God Said Stop
The Oscar
The Mystery of Marriage
Epistles and Email