Update on Parish Maintenance Needs

As published in our May 22, 2016 bulletin insert, we are providing an update with pictures about needed repairs to our church building. New funds from the Generations of Faith campaign at our parish, which will be received over the next five years, will be designated for four other projects, as described in Our Lady Queen of Martyrs’ “Generations of Faith” Case Statement. Over time, information will be updated on those projects as well.

As always, we are grateful for your continued generosity. May God watch over you.— Bishop Sanchez, Father Passenant, Father Antonín

copper roof and repaired roof sections
Funds generated by the 2011 Parish Capital Campaign enabled us to replace sections of the Church roof, marked in the picture above with the letter “A.” There were four sections, only two of which are visible in the picture. The total cost to repair those sections was $359,000.
water damage below copper roof
In the same picture above, the Church tower will need attention. At the top of the tower, there is a cross sitting on a four-sided copper roof. The picture here, taken inside the tower, shows that there are signs of water damage below that copper roof (letter “B”).
inner roof of tower in need of repair
There is an inner roof (letter “C”) at the base of the tower that needs to be replaced, as shown in this picture taken inside the tower. An inner drain pipe in the tower is clogged. We are awaiting a bid for this work.




flat roofs to be repaired
As of 2/28/2016, there is a balance of $41,955 left from the 2011 Parish Capital Campaign. We anticipate using those funds for two purposes. First, the flat roofs above the northeast corner of the Church (over the exit door near the Convent and identified in the picture here with the letter “D”) need to be replaced at a cost of $17,345. Second, the stained glass louvre windows in the choir loft (not pictured) need to be repaired at a cost of $8,875.