Standing for Our Values

From Bishop Sanchez

Bishop DiMarzio offers these reflections on the state of our State government and the passage of the recent Reproductive Health Care Act:

Pope Francis reminds us that “a good Catholic meddles in politics.’. . . Our first obligation is to be educated in the issues of the day. No candidate is perfect, however, we must vote for someone who will do the most good for society and the least amount of evil. . . . I am very concerned that, given the penchant for depravity, our state legislators may legalize assisted suicide.

The Bishop suggests that we voice our opinion by contacting our Governor at 1-518-474-8390 and our legislature at 1-518-474-2418. You may also send a message electronically by going to the Catholic Action Network at

As I mentioned previously (see post updated 2/8/2019 ), please commend New York State Senator Joseph Addabbo for voting against the reproductive bill and express your opinion to State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky and Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi for voting in favor of the bill.

Bishop DiMarzio continues:

. . . Demonstrations of disaffection with the political system are very important. … If our legislators feel no push back on this legislation, then they will continue to ignore our values and voting power.

Are you registered to vote? Have you voted in the last elections?

The State of the State

I further invite you to read Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s column in response to Governor Cuomo’s recent op-ed piece in the New York Times. Cardinal Dolan’s piece, Hiding Behind Labels, appears on his blog at—Bishop Sanchez