Faith and Action

A Word from Bishop Sanchez

Bishop DiMarzio offered these thoughts for our reflection at the Cathedral Club dinner on February 7, 2019. The transcript of his full talk appears online in his Put Out Into the Deep column and can be found in The Tablet (February 16, 2019 print edition, p. 4).

“The malicious Reproductive Health Act recently signed into law does nothing to protect the lives and health of women in our state . . . it is an extremist, pro-abortion piece of legislation. . . . It is infanticide.”

The Bishop goes on to say that the ultimate penalty for a politician is to vote that politician out of office.  By saying this, he reminds us that we need to be registered voters who participate in the electoral process.  He also reminds us that only five legislators from Brooklyn and Queens voted “no” on the Reproductive Health Care Act: Senator Joseph Addabbo, Senator Simcha Felder, Assemblyman Nicole Malliotakis, Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, and Assemblyman William Colton. That means the following elected officials here in this area of Queens voted in favor of this “malicious” act: Senator Toby Stavisky and Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi.

Bishop DiMarzio further states that “years ago, the politics of abortion were defined by the Clintonian ‘safe, legal, and rare,’ but now we are at a point where the Democratic establishment of New York State promotes abortion.”

Let us pray for wisdom for our elected leaders and, as the Bishop says, “support candidates for political office that reflect good moral values.”