We ask everyone to please be sure to look at the renewed staining of the wooden backdrops (the reredos) behind the side altars of Mary and Joseph. Inside the wooden backdrops, the scenes from the life of Mary and Joseph have been repainted. This work was done by the D’Ambrosio Company. In addition, the pulpit and the stands for the priest celebrant and leader of song have been restained and the statues (of Saint Peter, Saint Jerome, Saint Ambrose and Saint Augustine) on the pulpit have been repainted. The cost of this work was $16,000. It was covered by donations to the Generations of Faith (GOF) campaign.

After Christmas, we plan to begin restorative work on the main reredos and the woodwork in the sanctuary so that it will be ready for Easter 2019. If you recall, sanctuary woodwork renewal is one of the case statements for the Generations of Faith capital campaign initiated in 2016, so we thank all who continue your GOF pledges.

Repainted Statues on the Pulpit (photos courtesy Deacon Greg Kandra)

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