Rectory Meeting Room Reveal

From September to October 2022, the rectory’s basement meeting room, which is home to regular meetings of our various parish ministry teams and the primary meeting space for social gatherings and special presentations throughout the year, underwent a much-needed renovation. A more durable wood-like vinyl plank flooring was installed to replace the carpeting. The ceiling is partially raised and a new ceiling installed.  Electrical outlet upgrades and additions were made. Wall-mounted 55-inch screens (not shown yet in these pictures) are being installed on the long wall of the meeting room to make viewing presentations more comfortable. New doors were put on the closet, and a new closet was added at the bottom of the outside stairs. The combined entrance area and meeting space (975 sq. ft.) was freshly painted and made brighter.

The new space will be revealed at our October 30, 2022, volunteer appreciation gathering.