Bishop DiMarzio Blesses OLQM Church Plaza

On Sunday, September 19, we were blessed to have Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio visit our church to bless and dedicate our new church plaza inscription honoring our patroness Mary and then celebrate 11AM Mass with our parish community.

Read the story in The Tablet (from the September 20, 2021, online edition; registration may be required to access).

Before the start of Mass, Bishop DiMarzio blessed his coat of arms, which also pays homage to the Blessed Virgin Mary with its motto, “Behold Your Mother,” and the coat of arms of our pastor, Bishop Paul Sanchez (“God’s Grace Is Sufficient). Then members of the Knights of Columbus led a processional to the church plaza where Bishop DiMarzio blessed and dedicated the new Marian inscription. The Mass was concelebrated with Bishop Sanchez and Father Francis Passenant. They were assisted by Deacon Greg Kandra, who proclaimed the Gospel, and Deacon Jaime Valera, Bishop DiMarzio’s master of ceremonies, plus our parish servers Robert Sorsaia, David James, and many of our youth altar servers. Soprano Paula Jean Rocheleau Hernandez was the main leader of song, and she was accompanied by Joe Annese, Warren Harding, and Evan Katsefes from the Sacred Music Society of OLQM, with Maestro David Close on the organ. Bishop DiMarzio delivered a homily on the sin of pride. At the conclusion of Mass, we sang our beautiful parish hymn, “Our Lady Queen of Martyrs,” composed by Robert Weigel.

Rewatch the Mass with Bishop DiMarzio here or on YouTube. Scroll for additional photos.

Bishop DiMarzio delivering his homily. Photo by Karen Mongiello.
Left to right: Fr. Antonin, Fr. Passenant, Deacon Greg Kandra, Bishop DiMarzio, Deacon Jaime Valera, Bishop Sanchez. Photo courtesy Deacon Greg’s Facebook page.


Photos by Denise DeMaria

Bishop Sanchez and Father Passenant at the new Marian insignia. Photo courtesy Paula Katinas of The Tablet.












Photos by Regina Faighes