ARISE Together in Christ is a new approach to spiritual renewal and deepening our faith, developing a closer relationship with Christ, growing in community and reaching out in service to others. The ARISE program explores the intersection of faith and life and encourages us to meet our parish peers and connect with others on a spiritual level.

The formal sessions are now concluded, but members of our parish continue to meet on Sunday mornings for Bible Study.

ARISE History at OLQM and Themes

Season 1, Encountering Christ Today, was held in October 2016. To launch the program we were asked to reflect on what it means to encounter Christ today through faith sharing.

Season 2, themed Change Our Hearts and reflecting on the central call of Ash Wednesday to conversion, was completed during Lent 2017.

Season 3,  In the Footsteps of Christ, commenced October 8, 2017 and concluded with the start of Advent. We examined what it means that Christ walks with us on our path through life

Season 4, New Heart, New Spirit, on themes of forgiveness and reconciliation, commenced February 11, 2018 and ran for 6 weeks during Lent 2018.

Season 5, We Are the Good News! Arise Season 5 at OLQM began in October 2018 and was focused on helping us understand ourselves as evangelizers of the Catholic faith.

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