“A Moment of Purification for the Church”

A Word from Bishop Sanchez

This statement is how Bishop DiMarzio describes the present time through which we are passing. This past week brings to our minds again the need to fight against sexual abuse. Last Wednesday, August 14, was the day in which a one-year window opened so that victims could file civil lawsuits as allowed by the Child Victims Act. I encourage you to read Bishop DiMarzio’s column, The Continuing Fight vs. Sexual Abuse (The Tablet, August 7, 2019). The Bishop reminds us that litigation can be lengthy, costly, inefficient, and uncertain. There is also another nonadversarial process still available through the Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program. This program can bring healing and closure to victim-survivors of abuse and can be reached through the Victims Assistance Office of the Diocese of Brooklyn: 718-623-5236.

Please read Bishop DiMarzio’s entire article for further details and continue to pray that victim-survivors can thrive despite the fact that they have suffered greatly.