Over nine Thursday evenings in the fall of 2017, our parish prayed a novena for an increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious life in our diocese, including the lay vocations of marriage and family life in the Church. It is one of the ways we are supporting this diocesan Year of Vocations. Among the guest speakers sharing their vocation stories were Fr. Nicholas Spano of the Franciscan order; Melinda and Bob Nobbs of Worldwide Marriage Encounter; Sister Angela Marie, a second year novice with the Little Sisters of the Poor; Angela Scannapieco, a consecrated virgin in our diocese; and Deacons Philip Franco, Daniel Garcia, and Greg Kandra, who also organized and led the evening prayer nights.

More here.

Photos courtesy Regina Faighes.

Fr. Spano (center) with our clergy (l to r: Deacon Greg Kandra, Bishop Paul Sanchez, Fr. Francis Passenant, Fr. Antonin Kocurek).




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