Thanksgiving Message 2018

The American celebration of Thanksgiving recalls the origins of our country and the steadfastness of our forebearers. The coming together of our ancestors with the Native Americans around a shared meal reminds us of early efforts to create community within this land.

The effort to live together in communities of peace and respect continues to be a challenging part of our American Dream. We pray together today in gratitude for all we have received from our ancestors. We also pray for a continued growth in respect for all those who share this land with us.

May God continue to enlighten us in all that we do! May the Eucharist which we share continue to remind us of our need to be thankful to God for His blessings!

We extend to you and your families prayers for a grace-filled Thanksgiving Day. May God continue to watch over you all.

Bishop Paul Sanchez
Father Frank J. Passenant, Father Antonin Kocurek, Father Joseph L. Cunningham,
Deacon Greg Kandra, Mrs. Anne Zuschlag, Deacon Thomas Jorge, Mr. Dennis Portelli