Summer Missionary Appeal 2023

Sunday Masses
August 26 & 27 weekend

Fr. Maurice Agbaw-Ebai of the Benedict XVI Institute for Africa will speak at all the Sunday Masses on the last weekend of August and gratefully accept our second collection donations.

As the Church in African grows and participates in the New Evangelization of the world Church, the need for the proper formation of the clergy, religious, and laity becomes even more acute. Integral to this mission is the formation of future Church leaders in theology and spirituality while paying attention to the cultures of the peoples of the vast continent of Africa. The Benedict XVI Institute is at the forefront of theological, spiritual, and cultural development across Africa, especially in seminaries, houses of formation, and universities. Its mission likewise includes Caritas, providing support to needy rural parish communities across Africa that need education for their children and
basic medical services.

Please be attentive and give generously. Your support will be very much appreciated and might just be a lifeline for many on the continent of Africa.