A Pro-Life Future in New York State

In the light of the recent “societal unrest over the issue of abortion” and the looming Supreme Court decision, the Catholic Bishops of New York State have released a new statement which I encourage you to read. The full statement is available here:

NYS Catholic Conference Statement (May 12, 2022)

But I also want to bring to your attention a new pregnancy resources page, Help for Moms, at www.nyscatholic.org/helpformoms, where women can find services available to them. This is a resource designed to help mothers and children once a child is born. I encourage you to become familiar with the centers available here in Queens, as well as centers in Manhattan and Brooklyn, so that you can spread the word about their existence.

Let us join our hearts in prayer for all who are touched by this difficult social issue.

Bishop Paul Sanchez

Any woman – regardless of age, religious belief or affiliation, marital status or immigration status – who is pregnant and in need, can come to the Catholic Church and we will give you the services and supports you need to carry your baby to term, regardless of your ability to pay. 

Pledge of the NY State Catholic Bishops