Mass in McLaughlin Hall

(July 13, 2020, updated July 24)

This photo series is courtesy Leon Volskis. The pictures are from the 11:15AM Sunday Mass celebrated in McLaughlin Hall on July 12 and July 19. McLaughlin Hall is our temporary Sunday worship space during summer 2020 while the main church building is undergoing major repairs.

Video recordings of the Sunday Mass at OLQM are posted on our website weekly for those unable to attend Mass in person at this time.

Sunday, July 12: Bishop Sanchez welcomed congregants; Fr. Antonin celebrated Mass. We are adhering to new protocols for worship services while the coronavirus outbreak is ongoing to safely allow visitors to return to Mass.

Bishop Sanchez greeting congregants in McLaughlin HallFr. Antonin celebrating Mass in McLaughlin Hall on July 12, 2020


Sunday, July 19: Father Passenant celebrated Mass. Now that we are gathering again in person, we have begun once again to report weekly collection figures in the bulletin. Our gratitude to those attending in McLaughlin Hall and all those others who, while not physically present, are still giving generously.