June 25/26 after Sunday Masses

We encourage everyone who is eligible to register and to vote during the election process!

Volunteers will be outside our church with voter registration forms for you to fill out when you are done with Mass. This non-partisan voter registration drive can help you if:
• You aren’t registered (first-time voters).
• You are registered elsewhere and need to update your registration.
• You haven’t voted in many years.
• You wish to change parties.

Our primaries will be in September with the general election in November. You can’t make a difference if you aren’t registered. Be a part of this drive and show our elected officials that Catholics vote too. Your completed forms will be gathered along with those from other parishes in the Diocese and presented to the New York City Board of Elections at the same time.

2016 Primary & General Election Dates:

State/Local Primary Election is 9/13/16
Registration deadline is 8/19/16

General Election is 11/8/16
Registration deadline is 10/14/16

Voter Eligibility in New York click here
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