Crisis in the Church

By Bishop Paul R. Sanchez

In our church bulletin, I repeated Bishop DiMarzio’s observation (see  his column in The Tablet, November 14, 2018) that no other comparable institution except the Catholic Church has been singled out by the New York State Attorney General’s subpoena asking for information about any sexual abuse of minors and adults. The New York State approach to targeting only the Catholic Church unfairly creates two classes of victims—those abused in the Church and those abused in other institutions. It seems that the rights of those abused in other institutions are ignored.

The issue of abuse is painful and complex. A summary of the aspects of this crisis, in Q&A format, has been prepared by the bishop and his staff. In addition to the questions and answers, there is a video of Bishop DiMarzio’s meetings with lay leaders throughout our diocese. Both are available through the links below.

Thank you for your continued prayers for victims and for all affected by this painful crisis. May God continue to watch over you all! — Bishop Sanchez

PDF document: Q&A summary of Bishop DiMarzio’s regional meetings

Video link: