Bishop Brennan’s Mass

On Friday, January 7, 2022, at 7:30PM, the new Bishop of Brooklyn and Queens, Robert J. Brennan. celebrated an evening Mass with us after blessing his coat of arms installed in our church. Priests from eight other Queens parishes attended as well as part of a synod deanery gathering. Also attending were members of the Knights of Columbus Juniper Valley Council. Listen to a brief segment of Bishop Brennan’s homily on Luke 5:12-16 (when Jesus heals a man with leprosy), or rewatch the Mass in its entirety.

The photos below are courtesy Knights of Columbus Juniper Valley Council (Robert Schnell).

Bishop Robert Brennan’s coat of arms bears the motto “Thy will be done.” It is situated above the Queens Boulevard interior door in our church. Below it are the shields of Bishop Paul Sanchez and Bishop Emeritus Nicolas DiMarzio (photo by Denise DeMaria).