Your Petitions to Our Lady of Lourdes

 "Que soy era immaculada councepciou"   (I am the Immaculate Conception)
“Que soy era immaculada councepciou” (I am the Immaculate Conception)

OLQM Prayer Petitions to Lourdes, France: May 2015

The Grotto in Lourdes, France, is where St. Bernadette saw the Mary apparitions in 1858. As Bernadette described her, Our Lady was dressed in white with a blue belt around her waist. Mary instructed Bernadette to tell the faithful to make a pilgrimage to Lourdes. Since then, scores of pilgrims from around the world visit the Grotto every year, making Lourdes the second most visited city in France behind Paris.

In April, over 700 handwritten prayer petitions to the Virgin Mary were deposited in the gold box by the Mary altar in our church, according to Bishop Sanchez. These prayer requests from OLQM parishioners were personally delivered to the Grotto by your fellow parishioners, Roger Aguinaldo and his wife Ruby. They joined the Lourdes pilgrimage, from April 29 to May 5, with the Knights and Dames of the Order of Malta. Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Bishop Frank Caggiano of the Diocese of Bridgeport (formerly  Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn) were spiritual leaders.

Your petitions will be read and prayed by the Sisters-followers of St. Bernadette.