Census Sunday 2016

Census Sunday 2016 Results

Report prepared by David Lee, Stewardship Committee

Our Lady Queen of Martyrs conducted a Census on October 15 and 16, in an effort to increase parish registration as well as update current parishioner information.  Parish registration is the best way to certify parish membership.  Registering in OLQM is a declaration of one’s desire to be a part of our Catholic community and to make a commitment to the life of our parish.

In total, 590 parishioners completed a census form.  Here are some of the tabulated results:

  • Many of our survey participants (over 18%) were not officially registered with our parish.
  • OLQM’s cultural and lingual composition remains as diverse as ever (note that a participant could choose more than one race or language). It is this diversity that enables OLQM to continue having several special ethnic celebrations every year.
  • Of the participants who indicated that OLQM is their parish, 25% started worshipping here within the last five years. 19% of OLQM’s parishioners have lived in the neighborhood no more than five years.  So, as the parish changes, pastoral needs are changing as well.

CLICK HERE for full Census details (PDF)
(Results of 2016 are compared to 2010, 2012 and 2014 Census findings)

We invite you to register at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, if you are not currently registered as a member of our parish.