Weekends of November 25/26, December 2/3 and December 9/10

It’s the season! Colorful gift tag ornaments will be put on the parish Giving Tree the weekend of Sunday, November 26th. Gifts will then be collected the first and second Sundays of Advent, December 3rd and 10th.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to participate!

1) Take a gift tag from the tree in the church. Gift tags will be hanging until all are taken.
2) Purchase an age-appropriate gift for a boy or girl.
3) Return your gift—with the tag attached—on the first and second Sundays of Advent, December 3rd & 10th. PLEASE DO NOT WRAP YOUR GIFT. Leave all unwrapped gifts under the tree in the church.

This year we want to make a special effort this year to collect gifts for older children and teens. For older children ages 13-18, consider new gift cards from stores such as the Gap, Old Navy and Game Stop. Awesome gifts for tweens and teens include sports stuff, cool gadgets, arts supplies, music, backpacks, and movie passes.

Please give a thoughtful gift that is purchased new (no hand-me-downs, no partially used gift cards) and that will make someone’s Christmas brighter!

All gifts will once again be collected and distributed by Catholic Charities Brooklyn & Queens in time for Christmas. THANK YOU!



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