Pastoral Council

Current Pastoral Council Members

  • Clergy (Bishop Sanchez, Fr. Passenant, Fr. Antonín, Deacon Greg Kandra)
  • Roger Aguinaldo, Trustee
  • Rich Allen, Sports
  • Rosalind Chan, Recording Secretary/Photographer
  • Raz de Asís, Vice President
  • Denise De Maria, Communications Secretary/Single Adults Group
  • Mel Gagliano, Parish Council President
  • David James, Altar Servers/Youth Activities (MAYO)
  • Noila Johnson, At Large
  • Stephen Langowski, At Large
  • David Lee, Stewardship Committee
  • Veronica McCarthy, Trustee
  • Dennis Francis Portelli, Director of Pastoral Care and Religious Education
  • Lorna Stark, Finance Committee Chairman
  • Maria Virginia Villadieggo-Punto, Charismatic Prayer Group
  • Anne Zuschlag, OLQM School Principal


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